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Frequently asked questions

Ideally we require the use of an outside tap. We may also use an indoor tap if this is the only option available but will be checked before any work is due to be carried out.

We use the latest rotary jet washing equipment available on the market. We use a 20hp, 3600psi pressure washer manufactured by Honda. Our rotary cleaners are 30in in diameter, they have nylon brush skirting which reduces splashing causing less mess.

Yes, we promise to leave your property clean and tidy as originally found after the cleaning process has been completed.

When gutters become blocked water is unable to run efficiently. This can result in guttering overflowing and possibly causing damp problems and structural issues.

No, the cleaning process is carried out on the ground using our gutter vacuum and alloy poles for all other cleaning requirements.

Yes, we will need access to a standard household plug socket for the use of our gutter vacuum.

Depending on how long they have been on the surfaces and how stubborn they are. We can remove most stains including oil, paint and diesel. These are the most popular stains associated with driveways.

We do not use any chemicals during the cleaning process, only water. Chemicals are used for stain treatments and sealing if requested and also eco-friendly chemicals are required when carrying out our soft wash services. 


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