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Roof/Render Cleaning & Soft Washing

Soft washing a roof will kill the moss, lichen and containment’s to bring the colour back to almost new! It can achieve quicker results than others depending on what chemicals are used.  Soft washing will kill the moss and once dead the moss loses it’s adhesion which can then be rinsed away.

Removing the excessive moss first then applying the soft wash will give the best results and stop rapid re-growth of the moss for year’s to come.

As opposed to traditional pressure washing techniques, a soft wash system uses a low pressure chemical solution to remove organisms on external surfaces. 

Gutter Cleaning

Tip Top Exteriors provides a unique gutter cleaning service using a state of the art gutter vacuum. Our system is operated safely from the ground and enables us to reach awkward places which would be difficult using ordinary ladders.

Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis. If your gutters are neglected this can result in them becoming blocked by leaves, moss and dirt. This in turn will cause problems with your guttering, causing it to overflow. Our powerful vacuum will ensure gutters are left free of blockages.

Driveway/Patio & Decking Cleaning

Tip Top Exteriors provides driveway, patio and decking cleaning in Halesowen and surrounding areas of the West Midlands. We use the latest rotry just washing equipment available to clean and restore your exterior surfaces back to their former glory.

Our cleaning equipment will remove weeds, moss, surface grime, algae and most oil stains. After cleaning we can also apply sealants and treatments in order to protect the surfaces for years to come.

All driveways are treated with weed killer prior to jet washing and re-sanded once cleaning has taken place.


Window Cleaning

We use the latest window cleaning technology and high access solutions.

Our Reach & Wash Systems provide pure detergent free water that leaves windows spotless and streak free.

Our water fed poles allow us to access windows up to 60ft from the safety of the ground.

We are experienced in all aspects of high level window cleaning work including:

  • Ladder
  • Tower
  • Cherry Picker
  • Cradle

Our teams are experienced and fully trained in the use of all high access systems. All high level work is carried out with the emphasis on minimizing customer disruption and in line with our strict health and safety guidelines.

UPVC & Conservatory Cleaning

We specialise in the cleaning of all UPVC products including:

  • Conservatories (inside and out)
  • Guttering (inside and out)
  • Fascias and Soffits
  • Window Frames and Sills
  • Orangeries
  • Porches/Doors

The weather causes much of the problems for UPVC, discolouring it and leaving deposits of algae. Guttering becomes blocked because of leaves and moss and causes rainwater to overflow.

Our Team clean all UPVC products using the latest specialist cleaning agents which removes all ingrained dirt bringing back to life any dull or faded UPVC and restoring it to look like new.

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